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Here is some of the stuff I've worked on in the past, or maybe I'm working on right now. You can also see a list of my open source projects on github. If you are interested in what I have to offer, feel free to contact me.

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    Jun 2012

    My own website and brand. I wanted to create a place where I could show off my work and things I've done, as well as allow people to find out a bit more about me than they can via social media. I also designed and created my own business cards to match the site, help with networking and to create an easily recognizable brand of my own. The site is hosted on a Linux VPS that I manage myself with a number of other projects. I use git to update and deploy, and you can even see the source for the site here.

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    Stitch It Clothing Alterations

    Jul 2011May 2012

    At StitchIt I was tasked with keeping the existing site up-to-date, adding new content and updating previous content. My main task in 2012, however, was to create a fully French side of the existing site, incorporating all elements of the English content. Additionally, I created a number of surveys and custom forms for getting customer feedback and gauging interest in corporate partnerships, along with updating the client's existing deprecated Facebook FBML apps to use Facebook's PHP API.

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    Jero's IT

    Mar 2012
    • Technologies:

    • php

    As a project for a course, I was tasked with building a small website for a fictitious company that I would create, along with some simple branding and minimal content. This is the result: Jero's IT Services, a company that provides local computer repair and IT services.

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    Jero & Lanai's Wedding Website

    Nov 2011

    My wife and I planned to get married in December of 2011, and we needed an easy way to find out who would be attending. First we tried using Google Docs Forms, but they weren't flexible enough for our purposes. I created a simple site with a custom RSVP form, and a page where guests could see items on our gift registries easily.

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    Yet Another Life Simulator

    Nov 2011

    I have long been fascinated by Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata, and I wanted to delve a bit deeper into C++ and the SDL library, so I created Yet Another Life Simulator (YALS). I also wanted to have a feature that I had never encountered in a cellular automata simulator before: showing the "half-step" between each generation, displaying cells that are will be born and those that will die in the next generation. Of course, it also had to have pretty colours, too.

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    On Call Delivery Services

    Oct 2010

    On Call Delivery Services is a small Burlington business offering food and beverage delivery 24/7. They needed a site to not only display the services they offered and a place where customers could find out more about them, but also a complete online ordering system, sans payment. Email is used to deliver order requests, as well as all account operations.