Jero Sutlovic


Jero Sutlovic

Who I am

My name is Jero Sutlovic (IPA: jɛrɔ), I'm a software developer in southern Ontario, focusing on web-related and desktop technologies, with plans to expand into mobile development and gaming. I'm currently attending Sheridan College in Oakville, ON for Software Development and Network Engineering.

Four parts engineer, one part designer – I love to create things, and though most of my work is software I like to delve into the "artsy" side of things at times, and I'm proficient with graphics creation and manipulation applications (all of the graphics on this site are self-made). Aside from software, I'm also an excellent systems administrator with fairly extensive Linux and FreeBSD experience server-side (this site is self-hosted on a Linux VPS), with some training in Windows Server. Complemented with experience in Windows, Linux and Mac OS client-side I also excel in IT support.

Jero Sutlovic and Lanai Sutlovic

What I do

Primarily I focus on web development including custom-crafted full websites. I am a skilled software developer in general, and I love to create software specific to a purpose. I also enjoy IT support and systems administration. You can find some of my software-related work here. I am well-versed in Python and the Django web framework, JavaScript (often with the jQuery library), HTML and CSS, PHP, C++ and Java. I like to experiment with new things too, so I have a working knowledge of node.js, Markdown, Ruby, CoffeScript and SASS/SCSS.


Where I am

You can find me on the net or otherwise in various places, but when I'm not at my computer I'm usually out going for walks with my wife and our dog, cycling with my friends or helping out with the youth group at my church. I also spend some time dreaming up crazy ways to change rule the world, or plotting to start my own business. I enjoy getting in touch with my creative side, and like to take pictures of things and create art.

Plant against blue sky with sun

When I rule the world

I'm interested in the future of spaceflight and the vast universe we have to explore, as well as finding sustainable solutions to the world's impoverished people; no one should go hungry. One day I will sail around the world, visit a tropical rainforest while they still truly exist, and if all goes well become a space tourist. I'd also like to jump out of a plane – with a parachute of course.

How I will conquer the world

From my humble beginnings in 1990, when my parents fled the rising war in Croatia to come to Canada, I have come a long way. I attended Burlington Central High School from 2004 to 2009 during which time I had a number of interesting experiences, including taking the Cisco CCNA 1-4 networking courses, computer science courses, and an unpaid co-op as a systems administrator at a local web design and development firm, as well as becoming the lead programmer and driver for the school's new FIRST Robotics team 2386 in 2008 during which the team won two awards at two competitions. From early 2010 to late 2011 I worked as a computer service technician at an excellent local computer store working with industry professionals. In September of 2011 I started my program at Sheridan College, in December I got married and currently I'm doing some freelance work during the summer. Once finished at Sheridan I plan to transfer to McMaster University and earn my BSc. in Computer Science. Thereafter I plan to start my own software company, with primary markets being the mobile and gaming industries. After that, who knows?


Because, I can.