Jero Sutlović

Professional Skills

Engineering Leadership

  • Team mentorship with a focus on growth mindset to achieve career goals
  • Team building – Candidate selection, recruiting, interviewing and integration
  • Translation of business requirements into clear technical requirements
  • Understanding of business value and how process and technology contribute to it
  • Expert in implementing Agile and Scrum in technical teams

Software Engineering

  • Software Polyglot (Python, Ruby, Javascript, Java, C, C++, Lua, etc.)
  • Expert in design and architecture of APIs and microservices
  • Expert in designing and implementing full-stack web applications
  • Experienced in breaking down large systems into manageable tasks

Quality and Automation

  • Automated quality assurance – unit testing, functional testing, E2E testing
  • Deployment and process automation using DevOps principles
  • Experienced with Docker, Terraform, Ansible, and major cloud providers (AWS, Azure)


Staff Engineer — Ada

Jan 2022Feb 2023
  • Evaluated multiple API gateway products for organizational suitability
  • Worked with Architecture team to define API gateway plan
  • Research and proof of concept of organisation-level API gateway
  • Deployed custom EKS cluster infrastructure through Terraform for prototyping purposes
  • Recommended and implemented numerous technical hiring pipeline improvements
  • Revamped existing backend technical evaluation to improve candidate experience and automate updates
  • Provided technical leadership for Python backend and team guidance for refactoring and automated testing
  • Provided non-technical leadership through implementing best-practices and recommendations for Agile processes
  • Led initiatives to understand team performance and DevX through Github and Faros
  • Provided technical mentorship through individual sessions as well as group learning events
  • Design and architecture of new highly-scalable Go microservice to integrate with agent platforms
  • Tech: Python, React, NodeJS, Go, Terraform, EKS, AWS, Faros

Lead Engineer (Volunteer) — Lunum Inc.

Jun 2022Oct 2022
  • Fixed existing pandas pipeline ETL implementation and automated pulling external data from APIs
  • Refactored pipeline from pure jupyter notebook implementation to separate UI and computation library
  • Defined and setup AWS infrastructure for multiple environments with AWS EC2, S3, RDS
  • Led technical strategy for MVP implementation, defining features and areas of work focus
  • Improved speed of pipeline iteration by automating local environment with Docker and PostgreSQL
  • Automated data pipeline usability from days to process single dataset to hours to process multiple larger datasets
  • Tech: Python, pandas, AWS, PostgreSQL, Docker, jupyter

Senior Engineer — Red Thread Innovations

Feb 2021Jan 2022
  • Led shutdown of legacy Wordpress systems in various PaaS platforms
  • Led cost management of client systems in Azure leading to 70% cloud savings
  • Mentored new DevOps hire on Azure infrastructure, AWS infrastructure, Terraform, Azure ARM templates
  • Strategically supported the business as a team augment for a client
  • Designed and implemented new API features across several Java/Spring and Python microservices
  • Major contributor to a new microservice in built with fastapi
  • Significantly improved code coverage (to 80%) in fastapi microservice
  • Tech: Java/Spring, Python/fastapi, Azure, AWS, Terraform

Senior Engineer — FileWave

Jun 2020Feb 2021
  • Improved quality of Android implementation by adding dependency injection and fixing unreliable tests
  • Implemented new administrative functions across C++ administrative frontend, Android client and Django backend
  • Led feature implementation for authenticating Windows 10 OOB Experience through OAuth
  • Contributed to identification and fixing of dozens of inconsistent Django and Qt unit tests
  • Tech: Java/Android, Python/Django, C++/Qt

Senior Engineer/Architect — Red Thread Innovations

May 2019Jun 2020
  • Architecture of a new PaaS serverless product
  • Supported in technical strategy and definition of a technical roadmap
  • Validation of architecture plans, infrastructure setup and technology choices
  • Led full-stack integration of a new identity product with existing SSO system
  • Tech: NodeJS, React, Azure ADB2C, Kubernetes, Terraform

Director, Platform Engineering — WE Charity

Feb 2017May 2019
  • Built and led a team of engineers in designing and developing a platform of REST APIs
  • Guided multiple Agile teams as engineering lead or product owner
  • Defined new SOPs for engineering deployment with a new DevOps team
  • Spearheaded infrastructure consolidation and migration to Azure and Docker
  • Led cost-saving initiative by switching to Cloudflare geocaching for main website
  • Worked with internal and external partners to develop a loyalty program
  • Delivered an MVP of a loyalty program to production
  • Defined a new engineering hiring process
  • Tech: Python/Pyramid, React, Azure, Docker, Docker Swarm, Cloudflare

Tech Lead – Kinetic Cafe

Oct 2015Feb 2017
  • Lead a team of 2-5 engineers in building and designing a social network backend API
  • Responsible for communicating team delivery and estimations to all stakeholders
  • Implemented zero-downtime migrations to lower risk of deploying new code
  • Maintain engineering quality while delivering on deadlines
  • Mentoring inter- and intra-team engineers to achieve career goals and growth
  • Initiated a cross-functional bi-weekly collaboration session for all leads
  • Tech: Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Talend

Platform Engineer – Kinetic Cafe

Dec 2014Oct 2015
  • Designed and implemented an authentication microservice and middleware to enable SOA
  • Design an e-commerce cart and ordering system backend
  • Created a JMeter integration test suite for regression and performance testing
  • Implemented an API layer over Solr providing extra metadata
  • Tech: Ruby, Rails, Lua, nginx, Solr, JMeter, Hybris

Director of Technology (Volunteer) – Board and Tale Games

Oct 2015Oct 2016
  • Provide insight and advice in all technology related matters
  • Assisted in design and creation of website
  • Begun creation of a new product to aide in community creation and retention
  • Optimized Facebook Open Graph metadata
  • Tech: Drupal, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Linode

Software Team Mentor (Volunteer) – FIRST team 4902

Jan 2015Apr 2015
  • Volunteer mentor for FIRST Robotics team 4902
  • Helped high school students identify and solve software-based robotics problems
  • Assisted in electrical and mechanical problem-solving with students
  • Tech: Java, Electronics, Robotics

DevOps Developer – Top Hat

May 2014Nov 2014
  • Unified development and testing environment provisioned with ansible and vagrant
  • Work on an authentication microservice to handle all site authentication
  • Load testing and performance vulnerability analysis with JMeter
  • Tech: Ansible, Vagrant, Virtualbox, JMeter, Django

Android Developer – Top Hat

Oct 2013May 2014
  • Lead developer in creating a native Android app for Top Hat
  • Complete functionality replacing mobile website with vast UX improvements
  • Included real-time aspect with websockets delivering content to users
  • Worked with an intern and second developer to deliver initial project in 14 weeks
  • Tech: Java, Android, Websockets

Software Developer – Top Hat

Jun 2012Oct 2013
  • Worked with Django and TastyPie to create first-class REST APIs
  • Architect a new billing API to handle all payments and purchases
  • Payment integration with Braintree and PayPal payment services
  • Site integration with Blackboard Learn LMS system through SOAP
  • Create new API and frontend to track student attendance
  • Worked with an co-op developer to complete attendance project
  • Architect new SMS logging feature to assist account manager team
  • Tech: Python, Django, PayPal, Braintree, celery, SOAP, twilio

Web Developer – Stitch It Canada

Aug 2011May 2012
  • Created sub-site to facilitate creation and delivery of French language content
  • Designed and built custom forms and surveys to aggregate clientele data
  • Modified existing web framework to improve client usability and feature set
  • Tech: PHP, Drupal

Computer Service Technician – Nigel Computers

Jan 2010Aug 2011
  • Communicated with clientele to ensure quality of service
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills to complete tasks
  • Tech: Windows, Hardware, networking

Lead Programmer (Student) – FIRST Robotics Team 2386

Sep 2007May 2008
  • Teamwork in a highly competitive and time-constrained environment
  • Developed and debugged software during competition
  • Won top rookie seed at 2008 FIRST Chicago competition, made semi-finals
  • Tech: C/C++, Robotics

Intern System Administrator – Area 50 Inc.

Feb 2007Jun 2007
  • Deployed new servers into a production environment
  • Developed flexible software to automate system administration tasks
  • Tech: Python, bash, Linux, FreeBSD, networking

Personal Projects


  • Self-hosted photo-hosting app, mapping photos to the locations they were taken
  • Backend API built with Django using GraphQL
  • UI built in React with TypeScript
  • Tech: Python/Django, TypeScript/React, GraphQL, EXIF, Leaflet

Epitronical Infra

  • Deployed self-hosted Docker Swarm infrastructure for hosting personal projects
  • Traefik used for service-based routing
  • Private GitLab instance set up with CI for automation
  • Tech: Ansible, Docker Swarm, Gitlab, Traefik, OVH

Personal Website

  • Personal website statically generated with Jekyll
  • PDFs auto-generated with Puppeteer JS
  • Tech: Jekyll, Liquid, Ruby, Puppeteer

Go CRM Backend

  • Backend API for a small CRM project written in Go
  • Written with TDD methodologies
  • 97% unit test coverage
  • Tech: Go, TDD

Arduino Racetrack

  • Arduino-controlled electronic pinewood derby track
  • Hardware (soldering, custom electronics) and software
  • Use C to control IR LEDs and sensors through the Arduino platform
  • Python and pygame (SDL) application to show race results
  • Modular board and component design for reusability and simplicity
  • Used in derby tournament for accurate and visual reporting of race winners
  • Tech: Python, C, Arduino, SDL, circuit design


  • Tetris-like game rendered in isometric 3D
  • Tech: Javascript, ThreeJS


  • Cellular Automata simulator (Conway's Life)
  • Written in C with SDL and OpenGL
  • New algorithm, orders of magnitude faster than previous implementation
  • Rendered with OpenGL 3.1 GLSL shaders for efficient rendering
  • Tech: C, OpenGL, SDL2

Nginx Embedded Ruby

  • Contributed two feature additions to ngx_mruby, allowing header manipulation in mruby
  • Tech: C, Ruby, nginx

Simple Kernel

  • Use x86 assembly and C to create a simple bootloader kernel
  • Tech: C, x86 assembly

Site in a Box

  • Run a full site on an embedded Linux system (ARM)
  • Provided wifi from device to access site
  • Included web app, database, message queue, DHCP server
  • Tech: Python, nginx, ansible

Dev VM

  • Everything-included development environment packaged in a Virtualbox VM
  • Precursor to devops project at Top Hat
  • Tech: Vagrant


  • Flask microsite to pull data from Pivotal Tracker tool API
  • Tech: Python, Flask


  • Conway's Game of Life simulator written in C++ with SDL
  • Tech: C++, SDL


Sheridan College

Sep 2011May 2012
  • Software Development and Network Engineering